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APDA MA 36th Annual Optimism Walk May 2022

We had a great turnout at the APDA walk, thank you so much to all who participated! Team BWH raised nearly $1000 for Parkinson’s Disease, and the whole Optimism Walk together raised over $150,000! This all goes towards APDA’s mission to provide the support, education, and research that will help everyone impacted by Parkinson’s disease […]

Cool demonstration that the genetic determinants of Parkinson’s susceptibility and progression are importantly different

By Jamie Talan June 17, 2021 Article in brief Researchers at Harvard Medical School have found unique genetic variants that drive disease progression and could be used to determine which patients will progress to Parkinson’s disease dementia. The findings may help neurologists determine which patients have a more aggressive disease course and shine light on […]

Parkinson’s disease progression linked to five variants

Researchers have uncovered five genetic variants that influence the course of Parkinson’s disease and developed a polygenic score to predict which patients will likely develop dementia related to the disease. Nearly 1 million people in the US are estimated to have Parkinson’s disease, which is marked by tremors, muscle stiffness, and balance issues. The course […]

The Parkinson’s Puzzle: Piecing Together a More Personalized Approach

Red fluorescent dye highlights α-synuclein protein in a brain affected by Parkinson’s. There are approximately 170 billion cells in the human brain — a quantity that is within the range of the estimated number of stars in the Milky Way. When some of these cells deteriorate and die, the reduction in the chemical they produce […]

Webinar: Spotlight on Parkinson’s disease: What’s new in PD treatments

The national patient teleconference/webinar Spotlight on Parkinson’s Disease: What’s New in PD Treatments, is now available. To access the webinar, please click the link below which will take you directly into the program. You will also be able to access the webinar slides, transcript of webinar, and APDA resources. http://www.aoic.net/APDA/APDA19359arc/ The presenters are: Marie Saint […]

Scherzer, Feany, and Dong selected for $9M Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s Initiative grant

A Brigham research team led by Clemens Scherzer, MD, director of the Center for Advanced Parkinson Research and Precision Neurology Program in the Department of Neurology, has been selected by the Aligning Science Across Parkinson’s (ASAP) initiative to receive $9 million over three years. Scherzer will lead a project titled “Parkinson5D: Deconstructing Proximal Disease Mechanisms […]

GBA-Parkinson: The type of mutation regulates enzyme function

  10.3% of “sporadic” Parkinson’s patients carry one copy out of a myriad of distinct GBA mutations. The type of GBA mutation found in a patient modulates the clinical course, but the biochemical mechanism is unclear. In an article published in Neurology in the August, 2020 edition, a team of investigators led by Clemens Scherzer from […]

Brigham Clinical & Research News: Q&A with Dr. Clemens Scherzer

Clemens Scherzer Physician-scientist Clemens Scherzer, MD, wants to change the future of the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. In the lab, his team focuses on predicting and preventing disease progression, and on developing precision drugs and biomarkers tailored to individual patients. Scherzer is center director for the American Parkinson’s Disease Association Center for Advanced Parkinson’s Disease […]