APDA Walk 2019
Stanwood Chang
journal of pd medicine

Dr. David Walt awarded funding by Chan Zuckerburg Initiative

Press Release: CZI Awards Over $51 Million to Fight Neurodegenerative…
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Genomic ‘dark matter’ bridges gap between Parkinson’s, other neuropsychiatric disorders, study finds

Noncoding RNAs active in dopamine neurons are a surprising link between genetic risk and Parkinson's disease.
Dina Katabi

Passive in-home patient monitoring: From wearables to invisibles

Dr. Dina Katabi visits the Advanced Center for Parkinson's Disease Research to present on new innovations in mobile and wireless technology with application to digital health.
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Investigating LRRK2 as a common genetic contributor to Parkinson's disease

Dr. Jie Shen and her team describe an essential role of LRRK in the brain during aging that may help shed light on the causes of PD.

Could repurposed asthma drugs treat Parkinson’s disease?

Team makes a surprising discovery that some asthma medicines may also hold the potential to treat or help prevent Parkinson’s disease.