Julia Ciampa Shirvan

Julia Ciampa Shirvan, M.D., Ph.D.

Clinical Research Fellow in Movement Disorders · Brigham and Women's Hospital · Massachusetts General Hospital

Hale Building for Transformative Medicine, 60 Fenwood Road, Boston, MA

Dr. Julia Shirvan is a statistically-trained neurologist, completing a fellowship in Neuroscience Translational Medicine through the Harvard Partners System and Biogen Idec. Her clinical and research focus is movement disorders, and her fellowship projects investigate heterogeneity in Parkinson’s Disease (PD), with respect to its prodrome and progression.

Dr. Shirvan’s graduate work in statistical genetics motivated her to take a novel pathway-based approach to analyzing genetic risk factors of severe PD phenotypes. This interest led to her collaboration with Dr. Clemen Scherzer’s lab. Dr. Shirvan will complete her fellowship in June 2019. Previously, she was a resident in Neurology at Columbia University where she was awarded an NINDS R25 grant to research the genetic risk factors associated with endocytosis in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Dr. Shirvan completed her MD training at the University of Massachusetts and her PhD training in statistics at the University of Oxford while collaborating with the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Cancer Institute. She chose her current fellowship because she aims to use her training to advance drug development for neurological diseases.