Daniel El Kodsi

Daniel N. El Kodsi, Ph.D.

Program Manager & Research Scientist, Precision Neurology Program · Brigham and Women's Hospital

Hale Building for Transformative Medicine, 60 Fenwood Road, Boston, MA

Dr. Daniel El Kodsi participates within the Center for Advanced Parkinson Research as a Research Scientist – Project Manager. He plays a leading role in the ASAP PD5D Consortium and Parkinson Brain Atlas initiative, and in taking the Harvard Biomarkers study into its next phase, with expansions including new study arms and new biomarkers modalities.

Dr. El Kodsi earned his doctorate from the University of Ottawa in 2020, where he engaged in interdisciplinary research in Cellular and Molecular Medicine, program Neuroscience. During his scientific training under Dr. Michael G. Schlossmacher, at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the Brain and Mind Research Institute, he focused on the pathogenesis of Parkinson disease, with emphasis on early-onset autosomal-recessive Parkin-related Parkinsonism, delineating disease mechanisms through animal, cell, and protein modelling. Following the completion of his scientific training, he transitioned into human clinical work as a clinical research program manager, focusing on COVID-19 research, sero-surveillance and prevalence, under the supervision of Dr. Amy Hsu at the Bruyère Research Institute.

Dr. El Kodsi is most interested in investigating genetic risks for PD, distinguishing between susceptibility and progression, as well as delineating the cellular disease mechanisms.

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