Yuliya Kuras

Yuliya Kuras, Ph.D.

Senior Project Manager, Precision Neurology Program · Brigham and Women's Hospital

Hale Building for Transformative Medicine, 60 Fenwood Road, Boston, MA

Dr. Yuliya Kuras participates within the Center for Advanced Parkinson Research as the Senior Project Manager for the Harvard Biomarkers Study of Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. She has spent over ten years in human-subjects research and data science, with several years in device-based clinical trials for the treatment of Mood disorders.

Dr. Kuras earned her doctorate from Brandeis University in 2018, where she engaged in interdisciplinary research in Neuroscience and Developmental and Health Psychology. At the Center, she leads a team of Biospecimens and Data Managers, as well as Clinical and Translational Study Coordinators, in the Precision Neurology Program’s research operations. She also serves as a liaison between study staff and investigators across multiple sites, and contributes to all stages of the research life cycle.

Dr. Kuras is most interested in investigating gene-environment interaction and the relationship between stress-related epigenetic modification in early development and health outcomes in later life. She and her team enjoy working toward a more precise and tailored model of healthcare.

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